Reiki for Stress Relief

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Using Reiki to Relieve Stress

After becoming a Level 1 practitioner, you can try reiki for yourself.  Depending on your goal, the time of day you use reiki can have an impact. For example, use reiki first thing in the morning to prepare for the day ahead, or end the day to help the body to relax and decompress.  Preferably allow yourself at least 45 minutes for reiki self-treatment, for  3 days in a row.  Then allow 18 days until starting the next treatment to let your body process the changes before starting another 3 day treatment  Cycle 3 days treatment, 18 days rest.


During the 18 days off, you don’t need to rest completely. You can do a range of activities to help continue the healing process.

In particular, meditation is of great benefit when it comes to relieving stress. Once your treatments have unblocked the energy and allowed it to flow more naturally, you should keep it circulating in a number of ways that will calm and relax you.


Starting meditation

Either sit in a comfortable upright position in a chair or on the floor, or lie down where you won’t be disturbed. Set your alarm clock if you have a time limit, and switch off your phone.


Healing light meditation


Picture your body bathed in a golden, healing energy that nourishes every cell and organ.

Breathing meditation I

Do long, deep breathing, feeling your whole torso fill with healing air and life-giving oxygen. The entire ribcage should expand and you should be able to feel the breath right up to your collar bones. Then breath out consciously, forcing toxins out from the lowest part of your lungs. Exhale as fully as you can, pushing out gently in a continual way until your lungs feel completely empty.

As you do this meditation, picture yourself inhaling healing white smoke. As you exhale, picture yourself exhaling toxins and blocks in the form of black smoke.


Breathing meditation II

Using long deep breathing as above, count one cycle of in and out as 1. Try to count to 10, just focusing on your breathing, and not allowing any thoughts to distract you. This may be a lot harder than you think. It can take many sessions in order to calm the mind enough to get all the way to 10.

Use these three reiki methods to relieve stress and increase the energy and health of your body on a cellular level and see what a difference it can make to your home and work life.

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