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When was Aromatherapy Discovered

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Let’s define, aromatherapy Aromatherapy: Noun – The use of fragrances to affect or alter a person’s mood or behavior. Treatment of facial skin by the application of fragrant floral and herbal substances. The use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in massage or baths. The term aromatherapy really didn’t become mainstream until the late […]

Meditation & Breathing | the main event

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Mindful Breathing in Meditation When it comes to meditation, one of the most important elements is breath.  Breathing is a central element of meditation and relaxation. When you come across a person in pain or in stress, one of the first instincts is to tell them to take a deep breath.  Intuitively, we know that […]

Meditation versus Visualization

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Meditation Meditation is a state of deep awareness. You are working to focus your mind and become aware of the present moment. You can also use meditation to focus on positive thoughts, feelings, or sensations. Meditation can be done in a variety of ways. You can focus only on breathing, you can focus on positive […]